We're writers, and as writers we have wasted a ridiculous amount of time, money, and energy wishing there was someone who could show us the way to the life we are desperately trying to build for ourselves...or at least the next step. We have joined writer's groups, read books, spent money on expensive courses, conferences, and gurus, all hoping to find the answer. The answer is simple: We won't grow until we put in the work.

So, we started helping each other to do exactly that, and now we're here to help YOU.

PowerUp Writer's Gym was born out of our love for writers, and the powerful stories they tell. We want you to reach all your goals, big or small, and live the life you've been craving. Let us be your trainer, your coach, your cheerleader, and we promise to be with you every step of the way. We won't be screaming at you from the sidelines like that coach you hated in high school. We'll be running right beside you...because we're writers, too. So, let's get to work and grow together.


 Heather Sutherlin

Heather Sutherlin is living every writer's dream. In a little chateau in the French countryside, she spends her days hosting dinner parties, exploring ancient ruins, and writing her next great adventure, and she believes every writer should be living their dream, too.

She is the author of 11 books and the former president of Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas. Her debut novel, A Light in the Darkness, was featured at the Arkansas Literary Festival, and she's been a featured guest speaker at writer's conferences since 2012. Heather shares her experience as an indie author and teaches classes on writing, novel planning, publishing, and much more. 









About-UsHeather Nelson is an entrepreneur on a mission. After a life-altering trip to Haiti, she started being intentional about the whisperings of her own heart. While continuing to focus on her original entrepreneurial venture, she began incorporating and sharing her gift of storytelling with clients, classrooms, and meeting rooms around the world. She is also intentional in encouraging others to share their own stories and works to build opportunities for sharing those with the world.


An author, blogger, and podcaster with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, and strategic vision, Heather teaches classes on time management, growing and scaling your business, marketing, and how to leverage personal growth to live your best life.